A A gaming and desktop orientated measure of CPU speed. Intel i9-9900K ≈ 100%.

A single number

The effective CPU speed index approximates typical performance by distilling hundreds of data points into a single number. It is weighted towards gaming usage.

The first eight threads

Typical desktop tasks such as surfing the web with multiple tabs, watching videos and listening to music rarely use more than four threads. Very few of today's popular games benefit from more than six threads. There is not much difference in fps between the 4 thread i3-9350KF and the 36 thread i9-9980XE. Gaming fps is primarily influenced by the GPU rather than the CPU.

More than eight threads

Higher thread counts are critical for workstation tasks such as number crunching and media production where doubling the number of threads can often half the time spent waiting. Having lots of threads available also ensures that Windows can remain smooth and responsive at all times. We recommend keeping the Windows task manager (CTRL+SHIFT+ESC) running at all times, the icon in the taskbar can help to keep tabs on CPU usage.


Our indices are based on today’s performance requirements rather than a vision of tomorrow’s.

July 2019

We reduced the impact from thread counts higher than eight. The Ryzen 3000 gaming rank changes were net positive: 3900X -2, 3800X +7, 3600X +14, 3600 +13. The 2000 series 32-core Threadripper 2990WX moved from first position to 48th and the 8-core Intel 9900K took the top position in the gaming index up from its previous rank of 7.

August 2019

We introduced an octa thread component. This allowed us to fine tune emphasis on workloads between four and eight without 64 thread SKUs dominating the gaming index.

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